• I started working with Todd at a “big box” gym in 2011. I had let myself become weak, overweight and unfit in the years leading up to that time. From the beginning Todd has been an excellent listener, advisor and coach. As a result three years later I am stronger, more fit and now participating in endurance sports. Todd’s approach to functional training, variety, and age appropriateness and what you’re dealing with are always on target. During 2013 I was non weight bearing on one leg following surgery and Todd came to my home to work me out so my fitness level would not drop during this time. His workouts are customized to you and your needs. They are creative. I’m never bored and look forward to what’s coming next. He has pushed me far past where I would have pushed myself working alone. In 2014 I have cycled more than 2,232 miles even completing three 100 mile Century rides. My overall fitness level is a direct contributor to my ability to achieve these accomplishments. See Todd today and it can be the start of something good for you! Gina R. Smith
  • I have been working out with Chad at Element 5 Fitness and wellness going on 10 months. I have lost 85lbs, dropped from a size 24 to a 14 and I’m on target to lose 50 more pounds in the next 6 months.

    I finally found the help I needed to make weight loss, fitness and my health a reality for me. We meet 4 times a week and these 4 times are the time I make for me. Not for family or work but for me.

    Chad has been instrumental in getting me to make my goal a priority in my life. He sets milestone targets and is committed to my success as I am.

    Circuit training and boxing are the keys to his success. I’ve had gym memberships that I used personal trainers who never challenged or motivated me and goals that went unmet.

    With Chad Wright and Element 5 Fitness and Wellness I know I have changed my life forever. I love where I am going.

    Meet with Chad 1 time and you know you are where you need to be.
    Jody Williams

  • Nearly two years ago, I was of the belief that a Personal Trainer was a “luxury item” in life that was not worth spending the money on. Shortly after, I began working out and I was looking for a little extra guidance on how to train properly and get the most out of my efforts. With this desire and my genetic family history, I went ahead and began training with Chad Wright, my current Personal Trainer. Little did I know that I would still be working with Chad for the next two years on a weekly basis.

    I continue to work out with Chad Wright because he is a very component and approachable Personal Trainer. In the last two years, Chad has motivated me go from 245lbs to 180lbs and I have completed a Tough Mudder. These were two great accomplishments in my life. Sure, we have all seen commercials or ads around the local gyms that make these same claims, but truly with a slight change in my diet and training on a weekly basis I lost 65lbs. In our training, Chad pulls from a wide range of different techniques: weight training, boxing, kickboxing, and simple exercises that one could also do at home. He is truly an expert in his field. The most important thing one can do is to trust his judgement and let him guide you into being a more fit individual.

    I would highly recommend Chad Wright as a Personal Trainer to anyone. As a person that once thought that Personal Training was a waste of money, I would not have changed anything about the investment that I have made over the last two years. Beyond his expertise, I have seen Chad work with individuals of all levels, male, and female. He is simply put “a true professional.” I would not hesitate on make an investment and commitment to train with him. Matthew J. Dill, Ed.D

  • Working with Todd Bettler at element 5 fitness has helped me rediscover myself. I have completed 12 adventure/ obstacle course endurance races within the past year. That’s 12 more than the previous 39 years of my life. I also qualified and ran in the obstacle course racing world championship, at its inaugural event, this year. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Todd and the team at Element 5 fitness for pushing me to find my true potential. John French