Gina R. Smith
  • I started working with Todd at a “big box” gym in 2011. I had let myself become weak, overweight and unfit in the years leading up to that time. From the beginning Todd has been an excellent listener, advisor and coach. As a result three years later I am stronger, more fit and now participating in endurance sports. Todd’s approach to functional training, variety, and age appropriateness and what you’re dealing with are always on target. During 2013 I was non weight bearing on one leg following surgery and Todd came to my home to work me out so my fitness level would not drop during this time. His workouts are customized to you and your needs. They are creative. I’m never bored and look forward to what’s coming next. He has pushed me far past where I would have pushed myself working alone. In 2014 I have cycled more than 2,232 miles even completing three 100 mile Century rides. My overall fitness level is a direct contributor to my ability to achieve these accomplishments. See Todd today and it can be the start of something good for you! Gina R. Smith