Group Boxing Classes

Element 5 Fitness Group Boxing Classes

If you’ve got 30 minutes, we have a no B.S., wire to wire solution to get your body in motion, your heart pounding and your core signing. No fancy names, no branded workouts, just bare knuckles shadow boxing, kicking boxing, interspersed with progressively more challenging core stability, strength, and power movements. Our class is lead by a former pro boxer/kick boxer. The workout is built wholly around body-weight movements, and uses timed sets, to enable you to work just outside your comfort zone. Bring your friends!

Join Chad for one of our 30 minutes boxing classes! Limited space available so call or text 419-571-1001 to reserve your spot.

Group Boxing Class Schedule:
Mon: 6pm
Wed: 9:30am / 4pm / 6pm
Fri: 9:30am
Sat: 8am / 9:30am / 10:30am


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